Wandkraft wall decoration forms a perfect match for the interior styles in your store. As a result, customers suddenly see the complete picture and are able to easily complement their purchases and add ambiance to their homes. Choose custom-made work or make a selection from our permanent collection. Wandkraft adds value to your style and brand!

Empower your brand

Based on the identity of your brand or store, we develop collections that strengthen the feel of your brand or product range. That way, all your products get the attention they deserve, and we create added value for your business.

Boost your business

We provide a constant high quality, produce on demand, and facilitate drop shipping to your end customer. We also offer marketing support for the sales of wall decoration and train your employees in the field of materials, techniques, and applications in the interior.

Driven by service

We understand the importance of distinction and innovation. That’s why we work with ‘in house’ product development and are able to unburden you in the complete process – from collection to packaging, and from the ordering portal to drop shipping.

Upgrade your home

By adding wall decorations, consumers can easily alter and fine-tune the ambiance and style of their homes. Your customers get to see the complete picture at one glance, enabling them to complement their purchases with our products – we can even deliver the products to their homes!

Innovative and gründlich

Wandkraft® is a brand of CRE8, specialist in prints on glass, dibond and Plexiglas.