If you like a rustic interior, you will have a different taste than someone with an ‘urban’ lifestyle. That’s why we categorize our collections per lifestyle with a colour key that fits the interior collections in your store.


Natural colours and materials, rounded and oversized shapes: lovers of the rustic lifestyle feel safe and secure in their calm, intimate home in which an old-fashioned cosy ambiance is the focus point.


A practical, robust interior with an abundance of industrial and vintage elements – the New York loft remains an important source of inspiration for urban interiors. Rugged, tactile materials like metal, concrete, canvas, and timber create a unique, sturdy look and feel.

Modern luxury

Quality, elegance and aesthetics are vital for a timeless, chic interior. Here, class perfectly intertwines with apparent simplicity; high volumes, well-thought-out designs and lush materials provide a comfortable ambiance.


Light colours, sleek lines, and natural materials in a spatial setting: A Scandinavian interior is all about tranquillity, simplicity, and functionality. In addition to sober and minimalistic, the Scandinavian style is also comfortable and optimistic.


A bohemian-style home is like a treasure room in which every object tells a story and evokes memories. Artistic and personal; an eclectic mixture of colours, materials and styles – anything but ordinary!