Real art
in small volumes

The Wandkraft Limited Editions are signed prints of very high ‘fine art’ quality in small volumes, for which we work together with selected artists and photographers. Affordable, real art that will retain its value!

Limited Editions

Calpe Alicante

In the early fall of 2018, photographer Ivo Rikkert travelled to Calpe, a small historical town by the Spanish Mediterranean Sea. He had gained the exclusive rights to photograph La Muralla Roja (the red wall), a spectacular apartment complex from 1973 by Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill.

Authenticity Certificate

With the Wandkraft Limited Edition prints you receive an authenticity certificate that guarantees the authenticity of the work. On the certificate among other things you find an example of the original image, a short description, and the number of prints that have been made. The prints are numbered; the certificate is signed by the artist or photographer.

Fine art

All Wandkraft Limited Edition prints are produced in ‘fine art’ quality by CRE8, printing ambitions, the specialist in creating extraordinary wall decoration. For every collection, the best finishing is chosen. We can, for example, glue pictures between Plexiglas and dibond, frame prints with passe-partout, print them on diamond glass, on Japanese paper, on wood… More information about the materials and techniques of CRE8.