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In the early fall of 2018, photographer Ivo Rikkert travelled to Calpe, a small historical town by the Spanish Mediterranean Sea. He had gained the exclusive rights to photograph La Muralla Roja (the red wall), a spectacular apartment complex from 1973 by Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill. The building - which looks like a fortress - consists of a sequence of intertwining staircases, platforms and bridges, and accommodates 60 studios and apartments. The complex architecture refers to the floor plans of a North African kasbah. However, La Muralla Roja is mostly famous because of the breath-taking use of colour that enlarges its contrast to the landscape and at the same time creates spatial illusions. The outdoor facades are painted in different shades of red; the patios and staircases in various shades of blue like sky blue, indigo. and violet.

About the artist

Ivo Rikkert

Ivo Rikkert (1974) initially was trained as a graphic designer and illustrator at the art academy in Den Bosch, but eventually he chose photography. In this he graduated at the AKI, the art academy in Enschede. For years he worked as a specialist in beauty and fashion photography for various clients: from advertising agencies to magazines and from fashion brand to hair salons. With his daring images, Ivo challenged the conventional ideas about beauty and paved the way for a much more diverse beauty image. Meanwhile Ivo has broadened his professional field to among others architecture and interior photography. Beauty remains a central thread in his work.

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